Poulnet Electric Chicken Fencing - Orange



Poulnet Electric Chicken Fencing - Orange

Electrified fencing ensures the safe and secure keeping of outdoor poultry.

  • Predators or over-inquisitive pets are kept at bay.
  • The netting is 122cm high by 50m long and incorporates 11 horizontal electrified strands with strengthened top stand and non-electrified verticals and bottom strand.
  • Electrification of all strands is by a combined loop at each end, complete with simple clips for attachment to any electrified fence wire. Fence lengths can easily be connected for longer runs.
  • Each 50m long fence incorporates 15 plastic posts with steel dual-prong step-ins. The orange colour is highly visible. Spare top and bottom post-insulators are supplied.
  • Extra posts are available. Talk to us today. We do not keep extra posts in stock but are happy to order them should you require any. RRP $14.95 per post.

Optional Gate:  This Fence Netting Door solves the problem of how to get in and out of an electrified fencing enclosure. Power does not have to be turned off to use the door. Quick and easy to open and close and wide enough to be used for mobile equipment. 86cm wide. Height 125cm. Supplied in kit form and can be installed in new fences and retro-fitted to existing fences. Please note we do not keep the optional gate in stock but happy to order one for you. RRP $220


Poulnet Orange Elctric Fencing for Poultry

We use this electric poultry fencing to contain our chickens in our paddocks we keep alongside our stock (goats, deer and miniature horses) and it works well for us.  Remember to keep the current 'live' so the stock do not chew on the fencing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jenny Garrett
Poulet chicken electric fencing

Fantastic product. So happy having my chickens contained and know longer destroying my garden and pooping on my door step

Narigas Patch
Great protection

This product has been a life saver. I had not yet finished the chicken coop when the chooks arrived and I was stressing out about their security particularly at nighttime. This fence worked perfectly in giving them freedom to move around and sleep without being disturbed by unwanted visitors.

Helen Campbell
Electric fence

Great product and works well
Would be good if they could have it in different sizes as this is a little big for what I needed but still works well. Very happy with the purchase.


Poulnet Electric Chicken Fencing - Orange