Poulnet Chicken Fencing 50m - Green (Non-Electric)



Poulnet Chicken Fencing 50m (Non-Electric) Green

Chicken fencing works well to contain your chooks and can be easily moved about as required.

  • It is ideal for containing all poultry, ducks and some small animals but not suitable for rabbits.
  • Please note this fencing is not predator-proof.
  • Can be easily joined to other lengths of Poulnet chicken fencing. 
  • 112cm high
  • Mesh size is smaller at the bottom than at the top.
  • Each 50m long fence incorporates 15 plastic posts with steel dual-prong step-ins. Posts are spaced app. 2m apart.
  • Extra posts are available.

Optional Fencing Door/Gate: This Fence Netting Door solves the problem of how to get in and out of a fencing enclosure. Quick and easy to open and close and wide enough to be used for mobile equipment. 86cm wide. Height 125cm. Supplied in kit form and can be installed in new fences and retro-fitted to existing fences.  

Also available in a 25m length.


Poulnet Non-electric Fencing green for Chickens

This non-electric chicken fencing works well to contain your poultry and keep them where you want them (away from your veggies and flower beds!) The nylon-rope style netting has some flex in it which accommodates for slightly uneven ground.

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Diti Hill-Denee

Poulnet Chicken Fencing (Non-Electric) Green

Joanne Ramsay

Looking forward to getting our chickens after lockdown