Westons Chook Grow Pellets 25kg

Westons Chook Grow Pellets 25kg



Westons Chook Grow Pellets 25kg 

An ideal food when pullets are being reared for table egg production. A formulation with essential nutrients of protein, energy and minerals in readiness for a healthy, productive laying life. Chook Grow is a complete feed formulated as a follow-on feed from Westons Chicks Choice.

At Appletons we prefer to grow our birds (both commercial hybrids and heritage) on to point of lay using the Westons Chicks Choice as it has higher levels of protein essential for health, growth and feather production. Chickens do not stop growing at 8 weeks.

We would only recommend swopping over to Chook Grow if you personally had issues with the coccidiostat added to the Chicks Choice or are feeding a range of ages of poultry together in one pen and you have laying hens that have access to the same feed. Chook Grow does not contain any coccidiostat (which the Chicks Choice does) There is a 3 to 4% difference in the protein levels which we feel is significant – so if you can keep them on the Chicks Choice then that is what we recommend. Analysis: 16% crude protein, 3% fat, 4% fibre, 1% salt


Westons Stockfeed has the point of difference over most other brands as it is the only commercial poultry feed (here on the South Island) that contains quality ruminant proteins. We see the results in our poultry every day and it is good to hear the positive feedback from our customers once they start using Weston's poultry feed. 

Please note we do not keep Chook Grow in stock at our store. If you would like a bag please let us know we will need a week to order it in. Thank you.

Yes, we can courier
Please note all our 25kg bags of Westons are sent out in large heavy-duty plastic bags 😊 Please re-cycle these where you can ♻️