Eglu Go UP - Raised Chicken Coop


Eglu Go UP - Raised Chicken Coop

The Eglu Go UP is the ultimate raised chicken coop for up to four hens, and a firm favourite with chicken keepers. Exceptionally easy to clean in minutes, with slide-out roosting bars, dropping tray and waterproof, wipe-clean surfaces. Your hens will be safe from unwelcome visitors in the spacious, heavy-duty steel run. Featuring Omlet’s unique anti-tunnel skirt and an attractive dark green finish to blend into your garden. Whatsmore, the wheels and run handles make moving your chicken coop a breeze. The zero-maintenance, insulated design is trusted by chicken keepers from Germany to Canada to keep their hens comfortable in all seasons. Watch the video now to see for yourself what makes the Eglu Go UP so popular!

Customer Reviews

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Eglu Go UP

Our Eglu Go Up arrived very quickly. Well within the delivery dates which was brilliant. I had to wait for my husband & son to put it together. They “wanted to do this for me” as I have a bad back. I pointed out I could do it happily, but no, they wanted to do it. I love the colour. It’s more of a pinky purple. My role was to lay the parts out and hand screws and ties when needed. I also watched the videos from other owners the night beforehand. Very useful. I’m more of a “show me how to” rather than a read the instructions person.
An hour, I discovered, is the limit, my husband and his 23 year old son can work on a flat pack project together. Even with snacks & drinks provided.
The coop, with run extension, took three nights to construct. With handles. It is a wonderful thing to behold. I love it. It has been sitting in the garden now for two weeks and this evening my bantam chicks arrive. We miscalculated their hatching, but all good. 10 little black frizzy things. From there we should get 4-5 little girls. The boys go back to the farm… for breeding. Not eating!
So far so good.
P.S. we get wild quail around our place, I saw them around the Eglu the other morning. Eyeing it up as a home maybe?

A great product but lots of room for improvement.

While I love the product it does live up to the reviews of being slow and painful to assemble. Once done it’s great and my 4 chickens quickly made it home. Wish the run was as bigger as really too small for the capacity of the coop. Yes you can spend a fortune paying for additional run but the chickens aren’t suppose to take years to pay off. It was ok for us as we have it inside a larger run for most days when we can let them roam more freely. I set it up on a ridiculously windy day and it was extremely protected in the coop so that was great.

Annie H
well made but tiricky to put together

I love this its excellent to keep clean and easy to move them around hey are happy in their nesting box-no problem with the ladder It was tricky to put together not impossible but does take time- I definitely recommend Youtube tutorial

Michael S
A Premium Coop for your Special Chickens

Eglu Go UP is a premium coop for a few special chickens. I have both the Go UP and the Eglu Cube. The Eglu Cube is very specious but I needed to get the Go UP as mixing 2 chicken species turned out disastrous for one of our new birds.

The assembly of Go UP was very similar to constructing the Cube. Having built the Cube already, assembly went smoothly. I am very particular so it took me about 4 hours to fully assemble including the run needing to get all the clips in exactly the rows indicated in the manual.

The amount of space is great both under the coop and inside. The run fencing is good and will protect the chickens at night.

Cleaning is easy. Just remove the back of the coop, then the trey, dump the dropping, and hose down any remains.

The reason for a 4 star, is that I would improve the method for fixing the artificial laying area (uses 4 pins). I really like how the laying area is done in the Cube. Also, I like the Cube's water tray and would prefer that over the Go UP's water tray.

Otherwise, this is a great coop for up to 4 chickens (I have 3 for this coop).

Rae Williams
Great for Flat Ground Backyard Chooks

First up: Appletons are great to deal with! We got the Eglu Go Up with an extra metre of enclosure and covers so that both bits have shade or rain cover. We were thinking: ready-made "chicken-tractor". Not quite, but we're happy with it as an attractive flat lawn home for our small flock. Coop is easy to clean, plus with the double-skin walls muffle night time noise while keeping our chooks cosy. Great to quarantine lively new flock arrivals, too. Some design improvement for better access to some areas is possible, which we'll share with Appletons in email. Loving fresh eggs and the sweet chookie characters. They sure get a kick out of flitting from the top of the stairs out of their coop into the run area. Enjoy!

The Omlet Eglu Go UP chicken coop is perfect for families looking to keep a
small flock of chickens in a town or country garden.

12 Reasons You'll Love the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop ❤️

  • Raised chicken coop perfect for a flock of up to 4 hens
  • Super quick and easy to clean in just a few minutes
  • Spacious, heavy duty steel run keeps hens safe
  • Easy to move around your garden 
  • One hand to open and lock the front door
  • Comfortable nest box for your hens to lay delicious eggs
  • Great in all weathers, warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Extendable run and easy to connect to a large Walk in Run
  • Ergonomic ladder grips help smaller and rescued chickens
  • Stable-style run doors open independently for easy access
  • No painting, re-roofing or repairs needed!
  • Complete chicken coop package including feeder, drinker and run shade

Connect your Go Up to a Walk-in Chicken Run to give your hens more space.

The easy to use front door is operated from the roof and securely locks in place.

Raised Up for Easy Access

The Eglu Go UP is the perfect solution if you want a small flock of chickens in your garden. This portable chicken house is suitable for up to 4 small to medium sized chickens, such as Pekin bantams and Brown Shavers, or 2-3 larger breeds, like Orpingtons.

The Eglu Go UP has all the benefits of the Eglu Go, but at a convenient, raised height. Your hens will love roosting up off the ground and laying in the private nest area, while you will appreciate not having to bend down to collect eggs or clean the coop, making chicken keeping even more of a delight!n house is suitable for either: 

Easy to Clean 

Cleaning your Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop is quick and easy, and it will only take you a few minutes a week to keep it in great condition. The removable plastic roosting bars are carefully designed to allow all the droppings to fall through onto the tray underneath. This can then be removed and emptied straight into the compost bin (chicken droppings make brilliant fertilizer for your plants). All the smooth surfaces are made from a high density waterproof polymer which you can pressure wash to get your chickens’ coop spotlessly clean in less than 5 minutes. The Eglu Go UP is designed for zero maintenance.
Unlike wooden housing, you will never need to paint or re-roof your Eglu - saving you time and money.

A Comfortable Temperature All Year Round

Eglu coops are used by chicken keepers all over the world from New Zealand,to Canada and everywhere in between. Why? Because they provide protection from all types of weather extremes. The Eglu Go UP keeps your hens warm in winter. It has a unique twin-wall insulation system that works in a similar way to double glazing in your house, by trapping a pocket of air between two surfaces. This is an extremely effective way of insulating the coop, making sure the body heat from your chickens has nowhere to go! In summer the same insulation will keep your chickens cool, and the draught-free ventilation system has been designed to keep fresh air circulating in the coop at all times, without air blowing directly over the roosting and nesting area.

Eglu Runs are STRONG and will resist the most persistent of predators.

Spacious, Predator-Proof Run

The chicken run for the Eglu Go UP is made from strong steel weld mesh that will resist the most persistent of predators, and the dark green coating will blend into your garden beautifully. A secure run gives you peace of mind that your chickens are safe while you’re not at home or spending time in the garden with them. Eglu runs have been rigorously tried and tested for over 15 years.
A unique anti-tunnel skirt sits flat on the ground and prevents animals from digging in. You can position the Eglu hen house and run on grass, wood chippings or soil, and if the area is uneven you can secure the anti-tunnel skirt to the ground with Omlet’s Screw Pegs. 

Easy to Move

Moving the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop to a new spot in your garden is super easy, even for one person. Simply press the foot pedal and the raised chicken house will gently rise so you can effortlessly wheel it to a fresh area of grass.

Optional Run Handles are available and can be purchased separately to make moving even easier.

Extendable Run and Easy to Connect to a Large Walk-In Run

You can extend the predator proof run at any time with run extension packs in approximately 1m long sections, made of the same strong steel weld mesh as the Eglu run. You can use the extra space to add fun treat dispensing toys, like the Peck Toy or Caddi Treat Holder. Another popular option for providing your hens with secure space to exercise is to connect your coop to a Walk-In Chicken Run. These extremely popular runs offer the benefit of added height so you can go into the run and hang out with your hens. It’s a great solution if you are not able to let your chickens free range in the garden during the day. The dark green mesh will also blend in beautifully, so that the chickens’ home can be a natural part of the garden. You can even accessorise your run with a traditional wooden perch, or modern Chicken Swing!

Add a Run Extension

Inside the Eglu Go UP are comfortable, easy clean roosting bars and a nest box for hens to lay their eggs in.

Fresh Eggs

One of the best things about being a chicken keeper is the fresh eggs your hens will provide you with every day; without a doubt the best eggs you will ever taste! Your hens will sleep snugly on the perfectly rounded roosting bars and they’ll love the integrated nesting box in the Eglu Go UP. You can fill the nest with bedding and look forward every morning to collecting eggs by opening the large door at the back.

Top and Bottom Run Door Work Independently

The Eglu Go UP has a convenient, and practical stable-style door at the end of the run. The top and bottom open independently of each other, and both have run pins to secure them in an open or closed position. Open both doors when you want to allow your chickens out in the garden or to get full access to the run, or keep the bottom door closed if you want to do a quick feeder and drinker refill without your hens escaping.

The stable style run doors make it easy for you to reach inside to top up their feed, without chickens escaping!

Happy Chickens

Your hens will love living in the Eglu Go Up chicken coop. They'll be able to pop up and down the ladder as they please, keeping nice and snug when it's time to sleep, and having privacy when they want to lay an egg. If you choose the Eglu Go UP with chicken run, your hens will be able to roam around during the day, safe from dogs, and you can let them have a wander around the whole garden when you're there to watch. With a house like this, all the other chickens in town will be filled with henvy!

Ergonomic Ladder Grips Help Smaller and Rescued Chickens

The new and improved ladder design has larger, non-slip rungs that your chickens will find comfortable to grip in all seasons. The durable, all-weather grips simply clip on to the rungs of the Eglu Go UP ladder to provide a large non-slip surface. The grips are especially useful for older, less agile chickens, or for young hens who are perhaps using the ladder for the first time, but will be appreciated by chickens of all ages. The Eglu Ladder Grips have been a standard feature of the Eglu Go UP chicken coop since July 2020 and are fully compatible with all Eglu Go UP coops bought before this date.

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Eglu Go UP Specifications

The Eglu Go UP chicken coop is suitable for up to 4 medium sized chickens or 2-3 larger breeds such as Orpingtons or Plymouth Rocks. When setting up your Eglu chicken coop, you should allow 60cm of space behind the house to enable the dropping tray to slide out easily.


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Plastic
Run: Fully Coated Welded Steel Mesh

Packaging Dimensions:

House: 74cm x 41cm x 81cm (20kg)
Frame & Ladder: 82cm x 11cm x 61.5cm (9.64kg)
Wheel Set: 90cm x 12cm x 39cm (4.42kg)
Run: 93cm x 10.5cm x 65cm (14.83kg)

Free Extras

The Eglu Go UP is the perfect coop for the experienced and first time chicken keeper. You get lots of free extras with your Eglu Go UP! An innovative no-spill feeder and drinker that are designed to hang neatly to the run, maximising floor area and protecting food from rain come with every Eglu Go UP. They are also dishwasher proof, making cleaning super easy. The biggest reward of an Eglu chicken coop, of course, are the free eggs you'll be treated to every morning. Nothing beats that! You will receive 10 Omlet Egg Boxes, suitable for storing your eggs or giving away four at a time to family and friends.
If you choose an Eglu Go UP with a run, you’ll also receive a summer shade that can be attached to the run to protect your hens from wind and rain. It's very handy in the summer too, to keep your girls protected from the midday sun. Please note this shade will not last long as is not UV treated. For a heavy duty version please see the range of Omlet eglu weather protection.

Buy a heavy duty cover


Add a Windbreak Cover to your Coop

These covers fit neatly onto the Eglu Go UP Run, underneath the house. The Windbreak comes in three separate panels ensuring a snug fit giving your chickens a well-protected wind-proof haven. The panels also have sturdy velcro tabs to enable you to use the foot pedals when you move your Eglu. This cover is made from thick, clear plastic, allowing sunlight through whilst keeping the rain, hail and snow out. They are extremely hard wearing and should last you for years to come. Comes complete with cable ties for attaching to the run.

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Add Run Handles to Make Lifting and Moving Easier

Moving your Eglu Go UP is now even easier with these specially designed Eglu Run Handles. The handles fit neatly onto the run of your chicken coop or hutch to allow you to manoeuvre your pet's home precisely and with both hands.

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Use Chicken Astroturf for Clean Eggs

We have been trialling these nest liners for a while now in our Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop and they work extremely well. Thumbs up all round from both the hens and us! 👍🐔🥚
We have seen no broken eggs since using the nest liners. Hens sometimes kick wood shavings out the nest bowl especially when fluffing around to lay. With the chicken astroturf eggs are laid directly on top. Eggs stay nice and clean ready for collecting. 😊

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Connect your Eglu Go UP to a Walk-In Chicken Run for the ultimate spacious chicken run

A raised hen house is comfy for you and comfy for your hens!

Converting your Eglu Go

Do you already have an Eglu Go chicken coop? Converting it in an Eglu Go UP is simple, with our range of easy add-on accessories. Choose the Frame and Ladder to raise your existing Eglu Go off the ground, add the Wheel Set to the frame to make your house maneuverable, and choose the 2m Go UP Run to give your hens a secure area to roam in.
For the ultimate hen palace why not add the 1m Extension too, to give your girls loads of eggstra space!? These parts are simple to add to your Eglu Go, and all come with the instructions and fixings that you will need.

(Please note, they are not compatible with the Eglu Go standard 2m chicken run)

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All Our Eglu Go UP Chicken Coops come with Easy to Follow Instructions

If you find following instructions difficult then watch the video below for a step by step guide for easy assembly.

Care and Maintenance
Omlet strives to make the world's best pet products. You should note that some components are made from metal and the coating may need maintenance over time. Regular care and maintenance is important to increase the life of your Omlet Chicken Run. We recommend regular rinsing with potable water especially if you live in an area or suburb that is coastal or prone to sea breezes or salty air. If rust spots do develop, then you should repair them to give your chicken run the best chance of staying well maintained. Omlet Green Touch Up Paint is available for purchase in a handy 20ml bottle.