Bouncy Rubber Egg (Single)



Bouncy Rubber Egg (Single)

Perfect for the chicken lover who has everything! This rubber egg can be used for throwing, juggling and 'cracking' practical jokes. It is also useful for encouraging your chickens to lay their eggs in a particular place. Just be careful not to mix them up with the real things as they don't take too kindly to being boiled! Same weight as real eggs too  - app 60grams per egg. Sold individually.

Keep 2 to 3 fake eggs in the nest box to encourage your hens where to lay.
We recommending investing in a few fake eggs. Very handy to have for a few reasons! We place them in the laying boxes when pullets are POL (point of lay) to encourage them to lay in the nest boxes. Hens will go and lay where there is usually an egg or two so having a pair of fake eggs permanently in the nest box/es is a good idea. Collect the fresh eggs daily and leave the fake eggs as an indicator to your hens. Slipping some wooden eggs under a broody hen to keep her sitting is another reason to have a pair...and fake eggs are solid so cannot be pecked at...collect fresh eggs often to reduce the risk of hens eating eggs. 

Customer Reviews

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Rubber eggs

These are working great. Chickens lay in multiple nest boxes now instead of trying to all lay in one

Zane Jenkins

Realistic egg
Good quality
Very happy with product

Alice Jones
Fake eggs

Hens like them

chris wainwright
Very egg - shaped

You receive 2 rubber eggs. They are very egg-shaped. They are heavier than I expected so I do not foresee any of my chooks punting them around. The bounce is not much to write home about and they roll better than they bounce. Am not yet sure if this colour and density of this type of fake egg will meet the needs required...must try one out first. Still, if I loose it I've always got a 'back-up' ; or, an egg to fall back upon, as we would say in our neck of the woods. Thanks.

Stephanie Luca
Bouncy Rubber Egg

These are excellent and of great quality. Helped with my chicken who started laying her eggs in my pot plants! I put the egg in her house and she’s now laying in the right place 🥰