Got Bored Hens?

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

10 Egg-cellent Tips to Keep Your Hens Hentertained!

1)     Hanging Greens  

Hanging greens from the sides or roof of the run is a good way to help a hen pass the day and also keeps the leaves clean and prevents them from being trampled into the dirt. Things like cabbage, silverbeet, kale and especially broccoli tied up in a run are very popular and should keep them entertained for most of the day as they peck away at them.

2)  Chick Stick Feeder  

If you fancy a purpose made treat feeder then a Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder is a great option. Either insert the chick sticks (logs) into the feeder – delicious, specially formulated treat for hens containing a unique blend of dried herbs (oregano, mint, turmeric and garlic) ...

...or use your imagination and pop other delicious treats through the holes like silver beet, celery, dandelion, broccoli, apple etc. This is a great boredom busting device!

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3)  Seed Blocks 

Another idea would be something like poultry seed blocks like the Poultry Pecker. Use the ones held together with a honey syrup or gelatine rather than suet which isn't good for them though. If you fixed one or two of these to the sides of the run, they too should keep their attention. Our Poultry Peckers are ideal gourmet treats containing chia, garlic and herbs to aid bird health and parasite protection. These will keep your girls bust for ages.

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4)  Chicken Swing  

Is another great perch idea because it provides more than just a place to sit - it actually swings! The patented design allows chickens to pump the swing themselves, with no need for a friendly push from the owner. Shaped like a mailbox, with a corn-like texture for grip, the Chicken Swing allows chickens of all types and ages to torque the perch. Quite simply, your hens will be swinging themselves silly in no time.

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5)  Low  Perches  

Often putting something in the run for them to perch on will make them very happy so if you've got any old branches which have been cut up in the garden, you could try trimming them to fit inside the run so that they can sit and preen on them or just watch the world go by! Or check out the Omlet Perch – coming soon to a coop near you! Easy to install it’s a simple and quick way to enhance your chickens outdoor run with a fun accessory.

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6)  Scratch Treats    

Another trick if you have bark in the run or wood shavings in your hen house is to scatter feed treats like wheat, maize (corn), mixed grain or Scratch and Lay amongst them so that they can rootle around in it during the day to unearth a tasty treat. Best done in the afternoon and remember a small amount as they it is just a treat.

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Wedge of Hay 
Meadow hay or straw is another great way to keep them entertained. Just pop the wedge in the run and let them peck and spread it around.

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8)  Dust bathe  

Depending on how much room you have in your run, a hen sized tray with sieved dirt or sand in makes a terrific dust bath which will keep them happy for hours as they roll around and flick the contents everywhere! Add some Appletons De-Mite Powder to the mix to aid external parasite control. Chooks love to dustbathe it is as much a social able event as it is pleasurable!

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9)  Chook  Edibles

This requires a bit of pre-planning but worth the effort. A hardy blend of nutritious greens to grow in trays for confined poultry. Most have tap roots that will quickly re-grow leaves that are eaten. Either sow in open trays that can be placed in their enclosures or sow direct into the ground. Chook Edibles are a great way to give your hens a boost.

Get some growing today! Sew a good number of trays so you can rotate them in the chook run.

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10)  Finally,

Omlet Peck Toys  

have arrived in NZ! Omlet’s brand new Rocky and Elvis Peck Toys are the great new interactive feed toys your chickens have been waiting for. Combining fun, enriching entertainment with a tasty and rewarding flow of treats.

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